The EasyView Arm

Introducing the EasyView Arm.  A revolutionary “double jointed” mount design that allows panning across a significant portion of the sky from one side of a tripod.  The arms adjustable length (with several position/lengths to choose from) allows the versatility to reach as much as 50% of the sky before it becomes necessary to move to a different side of the tripod.  While the arm rotates at the top of the tripod, it works in tandem with the altazimuth mount at the end which provides its own azimuth and altitude motion.  Rotating a telescope’s diagonal improves the ability to remain comfortably close to the eyepiece regardless of azimuth direction.  The counterweighted design allows for easy assembly/disassembly to allow breaking down into components including altaz mount, EasyView Arm, and counterweight assembly.  This is key to allowing even physically challenged users to be able to carry out and setup, in pieces if necessary.  Most any altaz mount can be fit to the arm including camera pan and tilt heads and competing altaz mounts (a 3/8-16 captive hand knob is standard at the end of the EasyView Arm).

Recommended UA altaz mounts are designed for quick setup, maximum ease of use, and clearance at the zenith.  With a UA mount installed, the mounting attachment at the end of the EasyView Arm is identical to that of the EasyView Arm’s connection to the tripod, meaning the Arm becomes simply an accessory that fits between mount/tripod. This allows for those who already have an altaz mount/tripod to insert the EasyView Arm between, or also allows for removal of the EasyView Arm from the assembly when maximum travel portability is demanded (accessories available to convert other mounts for this luxury).  

The EasyView Light Arm includes 10 lbs of counterweight (2 five lb plates), allowing a weight capacity of 15 lbs.  The EasyView Arm Medium includes 15 lbs of counterweight (3 five lb plates), allowing a weight capacity of 25 lbs.  Length/position of the EasyView Arm is key to maximum load/stability/range of motion, as is the choice of tripod. 

As with any UA mount, the EasyView Arm is- 

Other available accessories include-